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A quality Christian education is an investment.  An investment in the Kingdom of God; an investment of fulfilling the Great Commission in Tappahannock, Virginia; and an investment in the future leaders of our church.  This investment is only made possible by a community of people.

For nearly 50 years, many have benefitted from and invested in the sustainability of TJA.  Current TJA parents invest in the successful educational outcomes and a lifelong walk with Jesus Christ for their children.  TJA teachers invest well beyond their job descriptions and paychecks in preparing their students for academic achievement and Christ-centered lives.  TJA Alumni invest in the ability to support the educational institution that made a difference in their lives. 

Because we take seriously, the quality of the education of TJA students, we need your continued investment in TJA.  Your investment can actually change a life- a child’s life!  How often can we enjoy that kind of return on investment? 

NOW is the time you can invest in the outcome of a changed life.  PLEASE join us in this investment.

Below are links that will take you to pages that will describe the ways one may give to TJA.  We at TJA invest our time, talents and money to make Tappahannock Junior Academy the best it can be.  But we can't do it alone.  We need your hlep.  Please take some time to review each way to donate your resources to make TJA even better.  Our children need the Christian education TJA provides, but it does come with a price.  Please prayerfully consider what you can give, what you can invest into a child's life.  If you can't give monetarily, please consider volunteering your time.

Kirsten Wolcott Memorial Fund

Calendar Fundraiser

Annual Fund

Worthy Student Fund

Capital Fund
Endowment Fund
50/50 Club
Planned Giving
Give to TJA Form available to print and mail in.
When you give to Tappahannock Junior Academy, please remember to note on your check to which fund you are giving. 

Your charitable donations may be mailed to:
Tappahannock Junior Academy
PO Box 790
Tappahannock, VA 22560